Subscribers FAQ

Subscribers FAQ

Not Quite Ready to List?

You'd like to list with us but need more info? Below are the answers to some popular questions which will help to make the easy move to the dog-friendly side. If you still can't find what you're looking for, please drop us a line at and we will get right back to you with an answer.


What is Accomadog for?

For too long it's been really difficult to find a good range of accommodation, bars, cafes and dog support services in one place, online, with great visuals and information to choose from.

Accomadog is an online platform that connects our wonderful world of dogs, their owners and our dog-friendly businesses listed on our platform.

The platform provides a widespread, broad mix of all types of dog-friendly business that are then easily searched and found by us, the dog-owning community, making this proposition a win-win for all businesses who join up.

What kind of Property/business can I list on Accomadog?

Listed below are the types of business you can currently register on Accomadog, which fall under three tab categories, that can been seen on our top navigation bar. 

Accommodation - Hotels, B&B, Guest House, Campsite, Caravan Park, Hostel, Aparthotel, Holiday Home (villa, apartment, lodge, cottage, house, etc etc).

Bars/Eateries - Bar/Pub, Cafe, Bistro, Restaurant.

Kennels/Boarders - Kennels, Boarding, Dog-Sitting, Dog Walkers, Doggy Day Care.

Is the registration process simple to complete?

Before arranging you transport links from your port of arrival to your final destination, it could be beneficial to speak with the property owners, as their local knowledge and advice could save you time and money if they can advise on a popular transport service.  

Beware of unlicensed transport services as it is likely they will not have adequate licence/insurance to cover should the unthinkable happen.

Can I display the Accomadog Dog-Friendly Icon badge?

Yes. All businesses that subscribe to Accomadog can use our memorable icon badge on their website, social media sites to further show potential customers you are indeed dog-friendly.

We also send you a low-tac window display sticker to show potential customers you are dog-friendly. This has proved to be very effective in gaining new customers.

As per the terms and conditions of subscriptions, you may only use the icon badge whilst you are an active subscriber. 


Do you carry out any verification checks?

Yes. We carry out checks before any listing can go live on our platform to ensure there is no fraudulent activity. 

How soon will my listing be live?

As soon as we have processed your registration and completed our checks your listing will be live. 

How is my subscription payment taken when I sign up?

You can pay for your subscription securely with all major credit/debit cards.

All new subscriptions have auto renew switched on when you initially sign up. You can change this as soon as you access your account if you do not wish it to be active.

Accomadog does not hold any card details on any of its systems. All card details are held encrypted by the merchant bank used to process the payment.

What is membership auto renew?

All new subscriptions have payment auto renew activated when you initially sign up to ensure your account renews automatically and your account does not cancel unexpectedly.

When your subscription is due for renewal, the payment comes off your original payment card automatically, though you can change your card details at any time.

You can change the auto-renew setting to off as soon as you access your account if you do not wish it to be active.

Accomadog does not hold any card details on any of its systems. All card details are held encrypted by the merchant bank used to process the payment.

Is my subscription payment taken in £sterling?

Yes. At this time we only collect subscription payments in £sterling. We may be able to offer other currencies in the future for subscriptions to be paid in.

Can I link my central bookings calendar with Accomadog using iCal?

Yes. If you use a bookings system that uses iCal technology links you can connect it to your Accomadog Calendar.

If you use several online booking channels like Airbnb/Homeaway/ etc, you can import all the calendar links which will sync with the Accomadogs technology to ensure your availability is always up to date. 

There is also a static calendar available for accommodation owners who don't use an ical supported calendar. This allows you to manually update.

My business/property is listed on other sites, is that a problem?

Absolutely not. You are free to list where ever you like. Your Accomadog listing will work well alongside other platforms.

Can visitors to my listing page contact me directly to enquire or book?

Yes. Your page visitors can contact you in a number of ways. Your own website will be linked to your page where visitors will be directed to make a booking, which also gives your own website good visibility.

Visitors to your page can also complete a booking form which will gather all the information you need and when submitted by the visitor, comes directly to your email address.

Your page visitors your bookings! 

Is there a way to highlight when I have special offers available?

Yes. Accommodation owners can have up to two special offers running at any one time. Special offers are clearly visible on your listing page. Additionally, there is an exclusive offers tab on the websites main navigation bar which allows website visitors to go in and search what offers are available. 

Bars/Eateries and Kennels/Boarders can connect their special offers via a linked button from their page to their website or social media page.

Does my subscription entitle me to membership benefits?

Yes indeed. As a subscriber, you have a whole host of listing benefits to get the best from your subscription.

For more information check out Subscription Benefits

How long does my subscription last?

Each subscription would last for 12 months. 

Does Accomadog actively market properties and businesses listed on its platform?

Yes, we do indeed. We run a number of campaigns to not only drive traffic to the website in general, but we also market listings on an individual and collective basis.

We use multiple channels to spread the word on all the great dog-friendly properties and business we are proud to host on our platform.  

Multiple listings - Can I list more than one property/business?

Yes, you most certainly can. You can list as many properties and businesses as you wish under your one account and this can have significant saving benefits on your subscription costs. 

You can add properties and businesses to your account at any time and you don't have to add them all at the one time if you are not ready to.  

Additional listings will always renew 12 months from the date they were purchased. Which means that you would have a number of listings renewing at different times of the year.


Is there support when I need it?

Yes indeed. We are not one of the many platforms with no direct contact. You can contact us by phone within our business hours or by email and we will always get back to you! 

How much does it cost to list my property/business?

We have spent considerable time looking at our pricing options to ensure we can give good value for money.

I'm sure you will agree that our Subscription Fees are very economical to be part of a dedicated platform.

What countries does Accomadog operate in?

As we are an online .com business we operate globally. 

I live in the UK but my property/business is in another country, can I still list it?

Absolutely 100% yes. You can list your property/business regardless of where it is or where you are based. As long as we can complete our registration checks your listing (in most cases) will go live.

Will my business property be found in your website search results?

We have invested in one of the best locational databases to ensure your listing will come up in the results, based on the searcher's parameters used.

Do I need a licence if I have a holiday home rental?

If the country/region/city you have a property/business requires you need a licence to operate, it is your responsibility to attain this licence and ensure the details are publicly displayed on your listing, as part of our terms and conditions.  

My hotel and public bar are both dog-friendly, will they show up in accommodation and bars search results?

Yes for sure and you won't have to pay for an additional listing.

You will be asked the question when you are creating your listing - As part of your accommodation offering, do you have a dog-friendly bar, cafe, bistro, restaurant as part of the same property? 

Can I edit my listing details whenever I want?

For sure. It's your listing. All we ask is that you follow our simple guidelines to ensure your listing does not contravene any of the major search engine guidelines. We have a short document in your member's resources area that keeps you right at all times. 

Does the Accomadog website have translation functionality?

Yes. All text information on the platform can be viewed in any language when the viewer changes the language in the top right navigation bar.

Do I have to show my prices/rates in £sterling only?

No. The default currency is set as £sterling. You can easily change the currency to suit that of which you charge in.

Do you have any example listing pages I can view?

Yes indeed. Please follow the Example Pages to see how good your business/property listing could look.

I have a motor home/camper van I rent out, can I list it?

Yes. You can list your camper van on Accomadog and falls under the same category as an accommodation listing.