Listing Fees

The Following Fees Apply to all New and Recurring Listings

Registration Fee -

A registration fee of £43 applies to each new subscriber account opened. (This is a one-off fee)

Annual listing fees - 

Accommodation - (Hotel, B&B, Guest House, Campsite, Caravan Park, S/C Holiday Home, Aparthotel, Hostel)

  • First full listing = £155

  • Each additional listing= £88

Bars/Eateries - (Bars, Bistro, Restaurant, Cafe)

  • First full listing = £55
  • Each additional listing= £40

Doggy Services - (Kennels, Boarding, Dog Sitting, Doggy Day Care, Dog Walkers) 

  • First full listing = £55
  • Each additional listing= £40


Listing your business-accommodation on Accomadog is easy, straightforward and requires:

  • Your business-accommodation to be dog-friendly (Except guide dog only accomm)
  • You to complete the registration process in full
  • You agree to our Terms and Conditions 
  • You pay subscription fees securely online by credit or debit card or by arrangement

More Info

If you have any unanswered questions, please check our Subscribers FAQ page. To discuss our fees or if you wish to pay by an alternative method, please email us at 


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