What's Included?

Advertising your dog-friendly holiday accommodation means you need access to a platform that offers the best features and benefits that are sure to get your property noticed.

Such a platform must have a great - USP, functionality, presence, flexibility foresight/insights and above all, can be trusted. Your subscription package with Accomadog offers all this and more. 

What's included at a glance:

  • A top-class listing page advertising your property
  • All year worldwide multi-channel advertising
  • Pay no booking or commission fees on direct bookings
  • Receive enquiry contact details immediately
  • A listing with  complete freedom and flexibility
  • 40 images of your choice with multi-image upload
  • Upload your business logo
  • Link your listing to your website
  • Link your listing to other booking channels
  • Link your review website to your listing
  • Add any awards or certificates
  • Special doggy info & facilities section - Great info for dog owners
  • Live availability calendar (links to all major systems) (iCal)
  • Add your own special offers easily from the dashboard
  • Show your prices and your preferred currency
  • Social media share buttons on your listing
  • Policy buttons for - Check-in, Cancellation, How to Book
  • Show your contact number (touch dial from mobile or tablet)
  • Booking form enquires - come directly to you
  • Subscribers secure login and dashboard
  • Update your listing anytime
  • Enable or disable your listing anytime
  • Linked to Google Maps
  • 'Above All, We're Here to Help When You Need It!'

PLUS - You can also opt into our In House bookings option. This means when we get direct booking enquiries, we look for the accommodation on our database that best suits the criteria of the enquiry 

What we don’t do: 

  • We don't charge accommodation owners commission fees or holidaymakers booking/agency fees on direct bookings received by the accommodation.
  • We don't withhold contact details from any enquiries you receive.
  • We don’t hold any booking details, you're in full control.
  • We don’t take payments on behalf of your direct bookings, you’re in full control. 

How we market:

Here at Accomadog, we use a number of marketing channels to ensure we get your listing pages in front of potential bookers. And what's more, we do it day in day out, not just for the holiday seasons.  

Interestingly, one question we get asked regularly by dog friendly holiday accommodation owners - Q. Do you only advertise to dog owners? A. No, we market far and wide to dog owners and non-dog owners. 

To find out more about how we market - click here

Listing prices:

The cost to list your dog friendly holiday accommodation on Accomadog is very economical in comparison to other similar sites, plus we offer more features and benefits as shown above.

To find out more about prices and special offers - click here


The detailed view:

For a more detailed view of what's included in your subscription package, just click each featured title to reveal all details>>>

Your dynamic listing

Your dedicated dog-friendly listing gives you the freedom to create a business profile that can express exactly what you do and what your specialities are.

Images speak louder than words, so with up to 40 tagged photos, you can speak volumes about your business and if that's not enough, you get 12,000 characters to describe and really sell what you have to offer. 

Depending on your listing type, there are different features available - E.G. accommodation owners can, add their live availability calendar, Set a price range; add a review link to a nominated site, connect to their own website, use the booking enquiry form that comes directly to you.  

Set up all your offered features, doggy info section, doggy rules/features. 

Great listing functionality

Any listing page needs good functionality for it to be engaging, right? As holiday home and business owners ourselves, we've gone to town to make sure we have us all covered.

Navigation Tabs - Main feature navigation tabs at the top of the page allow visitors to move around your listing more easily to the sections they wish to see.

Website Connected - Your listing can be connected to your own website, allowing visitors to book directly.

General Enquiries - Direct messaging to your email inbox for general enquiries.

Dedicated Booking Form - Guests can complete a booking form with all their details that come directly to your inbox. (Only accommodation listings)

Contact Details - Choose whether you want to have your telephone number showing on your listing for direct contact.

Synced Calendar - You sync your iCal calendar from other listings or the central booking system you may use, ensuring your listing has up to date information at all times. Or, you can use the calendar manually. (Only on accommodation listings)

Rates and Seasons - Show your seasons and the applicable rates in a stylish format, whilst choosing the currency you wish to charge in. (Only on accommodation listings)

Special Offers - You can run up to two special offers at any one time, which appear on your listing and in our "Exclusive Offers" section.

Policy buttons - Lets visitors see in a glance things like your cancellation policy, checkin/out times etc. (Only on accommodation listings)

Reviews - Your review button can link to your site of choices where visitors can see your reviews.

Social Media Sharing - You, family, friends and page visitors can share your page via our social media share buttons on your page to give you additional exposure and reviews.

Social Media - Stay connected and link your social media accounts to your listing to allow visitors to connect and follow you.

Photo Gallery - Sell the essence of what your holiday home is all about through great images. All shown on our one-click photo carousel. 

Your Features - Select any amount of holiday home features/themes/suitability in our stylish accordion drop downs, keeping your listing looking good.  

Google Maps - Your listing map shows visitors closely where your property is located.

Search Result - Great image and details show up in the search results showcasing how good your property looks and sounds.

The search is on

The key to a good listing platform is making you visible and getting you found online!

Our strong website search functionality works well to make sure you show up in visitor search results. For example, if someone searches for Oxford and no services are found, but your business is located in the next town within our radius limits, your business will list in the search results, getting you found online.     

Your special offers

From time to time you may want to offer some incentives to maximise your occupancy. All accommodation listings have the opportunity to set up their own special offers. Any listing can have a maximum of two offers running at any one time. Offers will appear both on your listing and under the tab "Exclusive Offers" on our home page. The Exclusive offers tab allows visitors can search through all offers available.

In addition, we highlight those offers running in our marketing and drive traffic to those offers.

There is no additional charge to use the special offers section on your listing. 

Indirect Bookings Service

How it works - Here at Accomadog we receive many booking enquiries from our website enquiry box. Guests who can't find their ideal accommodation or don't have the time to search will fill in our enquiry form with the details of their criteria.

We then search our database and offer the enquirer proposals that match their needs. We then make the booking with you and for them and then it's over to you to manage.

There is a small admin charge for this optional service. 

Holiday home rental owners and general holiday accommodation owners can register to use this service even though they may not wish to have their property listed on accomadog.com

No booking/commission fees

We don't impose any booking or commission fees on any direct bookings you receive from the platform, so you get the full booking value, plus your guests don't have to shell out more than the advertised amount on fees as charged by many of the other sites!


Feature in our marketing collections

Marketing collections are special feature pages created on our website, where a collection of our listed businesses can be shown together as a special feature.

Example - We may run a feature on, the top ten best dog-friendly bed and breakfasts in London or, the best dog-friendly cafes or pubs in Manchester. This can be anything we choose and you could be included.

Collections will be marketed out across a number of digital channels we have access to including social media, email marketing etc, creating additional exposure for you.


Don't have time or know how to create a listing?

We're here to help!

We have many clients who don't have the time or are not able to create their own listing. If this is you, worry not.  We can easily do all the set up for you! 

If you would like more information or help to list your business/holiday home, please get in touch at listwithus@accomadog.com we'll be more than happy to help.

Dog-friendly listings gets you found easier!

Listing on a dedicated website gives you a much greater chance of being found because it's specific to the searcher's needs, rather than only being represented on a general website where the need is not specific.

For example, people searching for dog-friendly accommodation will be more likely to check a website that they know is 100% dog-friendly, than a general website that offers many different things to many different people, though may lack, the range, the doggy info, the specialism.

Business owners stand to gain much more new and return business when found on a dedicated site.


Your in control

All subscribers have complete control over their own enquiries and bookings.

Enquires come directly to your appointed email inbox and telephone number (unless of course, you have appointed an agent) giving you unrestricted visibility of the contact information you need right from the start.

Unlike many other website platforms, we don't place restrictions on this information.

Marketing Exposure

Gain valuable exposure through our specialist multi-channel marketing campaigns to raise awareness of our brand and our members holiday accommodation.

We use a range of channels to get our marketing strategy message across, including but not limited to - AdWords, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, News Papers, magazines, email. Over and above we have SEO management to ensure we appear in the right searches.

Member properties will be selected to appear on our homepage, on our social media adverts, (general and direct) in our blogs and newsletters. We also have our properties of the week page situated on the property search tab. 

In turn, this will drive traffic to your listing on our platform as well as those external sites you list with. The aim is to improve your overall exposure thus attracting more page views and bookings. 

Home page feature

Properties/Businesses are chosen to headline on our home page under the heading "Inspired Ideas" to create a positive impact on the visibility of your listing. 

Additionally, those that are included in the home page will also appear on the Featured properties page, which attracts good visitor numbers.

Listings rank equally

All subscribers are ranked equally in search results. There are no paid for tactics/fees to rank higher or lower or gain greater advantage over competitors.

In other words, there are no pressure tactics to make you pay more money to be seen in our search results as is the case with many other websites.

Your Accomadog Icon badge

Display the icon badge on your website or social media sites to let visitors know instantly you are dog-friendly. Easily downloadable and yours to use whilst you're a subscriber.

We also supply you with the Accomadog icon window sticker, to put on your business premises, which will let your patrons know you are a dog-friendly business. This can have a very positive impact with the dog-owning community when they see you are visibly part of the dog-friendly family.   



Benefits of working together

When you use social media, newsletters, blogs to network and to grow your potential customer base, you will have the added advantage of telling your audience you are an Accomadog subscribing property/business owners.

We are one of the very few 100% dedicated dog-friendly sites. Additionally, you will be able to display the very distinctive Accomadog Icon badge on all your brand outputs.


Accommodation-Business of the week and month

Subscribers will be chosen and highlighted in the e-newsletter and on our social media sites as "Business of the Week or Month".

The e-newsletter is distributed to our subscribers as well as being linked to any public marketing campaigns.

Subscribers offers

Subscribers will be able to access a portfolio of partner offers from time to time. Partner offers will be varied in nature, e.g. discounts to insurance, energy, broadband, booking systems, equipment, furniture etc for your property business.

We will keep you up to date when subscriber offers become available and how to take advantage of them. 

Member resources

Members Resources is where you can find useful documents and information can be download and use for your sole use.  

An example of those documents included - health and safety, holiday rental agreement, code of conduct, terms and conditions of membership and best practice guidance, general policies, checklists, subscribers offers, how to guides, marketing and social media tips and much more.



Subscribers updates


Subscriber updates will be emailed to you. These will include general subscriber information, new features, hint and tips and industry news where relevant.

Blog and newsletters are issued to keep you up to date and will be available in the subscriber resource area.

Tax deductible

In most countries, fees associated with marketing, bookings and commissions for your property are tax deductible. However, check the tax laws in the country where you pay tax.

Customer Support

Customer Support is on hand when you need it. You can call us directly as well as use the live chat and email service to communicate through.

When you contact us out of our business hours, we will be sure to respond as quickly as possible.