Charitable Causes

Charitable Causes

Supporting Our Charities

At Accomadog, we feel very strongly about supporting our chosen charities. We believe that when we are successful, it's important to share and give something back by helping those less fortunate. 

It was an easy decision for us to partner with the Guide Dogs UK and Dogs Trust, two charities very close to our hearts. I'm sure anyone reading this page will agree with us when we say these two well know charities do some amazing work.

Both charities create some amazing opportunities to bring humans and dogs together and for most this partnership can be life changing in the best possible way. Guide Dogs are partnered to a blind or partially sighted people and  become their aid and companion, where the bond between person and dog grows from day one. The Dogs Trust relies on the individuals/families coming to them to adopt one of their dogs waiting to be rehomed. 

Amazing partnerships are created between humans and dogs!

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Guide Dogs UK

Guide Dogs UK formed in 1934 is responsible for training pups too young adult dogs to work as assistance guide dogs once their training is complete. Once training is complete they will be partnered with someone who is blind or partially sighted, to act as their companion and aid.

There are currently around 5,000 working guide dogs in the UK, unfortunately, there is a waiting list of people, whilst new dogs and funding can be sourced. The cost to rear and train a guide dog before it goes into working service is around £32k and takes two years. A worthwhile cause!

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Dogs Trust

The Dogs Trust formed in 1891 is responsible for the rescue and rehoming of around 15,000 dogs per year from their 20 rehoming centres across the UK. If that's not enough, they also run training classes for dogs and owners to better understand each other, giving them a much better chance of a long and happy relationship.

Their ethos is to ensure no health dog with ever be put to sleep and all get gold standard treatment until the happy day they find their new home. Another great charity.